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CPA is better than AdSense ?

AdSense is the only thing I have used so far. But the way they ban publishers now I'm worried about stability of my future revenue. I want to start doing CPA but it seems extremely hard to earn money by CPA.

Can it be done ? Is it better than AdSense ?

Also can you earn money from CPA offers just using Google search engine traffic (free) >


You can earn from CPA with free traffic. But unless you have a big site with thousands of visitors from Google, you need to take very very different approach. You need your traffic to convert. With AdSense all they need to do is click on ads but not with CPA. Unless they take action like buying an item, filling a form etc you don't get paid. So this need more work.

You can earn more from CPA than AdSense but I don't think you can do than alone with free traffic. You need paid traffic for this.

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CPA offers you much for freedom about how you operates. Like you can use Paid Traffic so your possibilities are unlimited. With AdSense you have to careful about everything. But good thing about AdSense is you can just earn from every click as long as those are legit. But went it comes to CPA its lot more harder and complicated.

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