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What is CPV Traffic ?

I have seen people talking about buying CPV traffic in many other IM forums like WarriorForum. What really is this ?


Dodgy Big Grin

PPV = Per Per View

The best example for PPV is what you see as Ad-ware. You download a free software which comes with a toolbar, search page of banner ads in side the software. For example you can see something this in uTorrent.

These maybe just like legitimate spyware. But there is a huge difference. You don't agree to download or install spyware. Also removing those is pretty simple. But these AdWare you agree to install and you can remove whenever you want. Also most software gives you a option to install the Adware or not. You can skip it if you want. So its perfectly legit. These are NOT viruses.

Viewers see ads related to their searches and interests. PPV companies usually have 10-15 million viewers So it's a huge audience. You have to very little for these views usually cents.

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