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$10 per day in 3 months ?

BlackHatWorld forum is a great place to learn some interesting stuff about earning money online. Legit methods and not so legit methods. Recently I saw this answer given to a noob who ask for help him earn money online.

Quote:1. Make quick cash. Try Fiverr, SEO clerks.

2. Accumulate funds. Buy hosting and domain.

3. Write 2 posts daily (Trending currently) and 1 post for other blog (Guest post).

4. Get some backlinks like blog commenting, social bookmarking and do social media promotion for 30 mins a day.

5. Within 3 months anywhere you should be earning at least 10$ a day.

If you don't have a Paypal account that's fine you can do all these with Payza and Payneer card. You might need few changes as to your project but I think it's a doable target.

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The hardest thing is the first part. Micro Jobs on sites like Fiverr, SEO clerks. I mean while back I had tried offering some gigs in both sites and I only got couple of jobs. Competition is so hard.

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