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Use of Images

Using images from Amazon is something which has led to many arguments in many places. Their rules are very clear about this. Also I have talked with several Amazon reps and all have given me same answer.

01. You can't use Amazon logo or their other trade marks or images with those. This is strictly forbidden. You can't create your own images using these names or use any of these words in domain names or social media group/page names.

02. You can not take product images from Amazon sales pages and use those on your own. You can use only whatever they provide through the Associates dashboard / SiteStripes.

Now Amazon don't own these product images. So if you are to use these then you need to ask permission from those sellers or whoever owns those images. Usually the manufacturer. Amazon won't hunt you down if you use these images unlike if you use Amazon trademarks. But if someone report about it then they would terminate your account in most cases.

So if you need images then either you need to have permission from the owner of image or you need to use Royalty free images or Public Domain Images. Now here is an easy way to find those,

 Goto Google Advance Image Search

Here is the link >

There type the keyword or product name or whatever you want to find

then find the drop down box called " usage rights: "

Select " Free to use or share even commercially "


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