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Things You need to Know Before Applying for Amazon Associates Program

There are 2 ways to apply for the Associates program. You can apply with your own website or with FB page / Group or Twitter Account.

01. This is easy method. Apply with your own website. That means you need to own the website. Only exception is Google Blogger blogs. But it's pretty pointless apply with a brand new website which has no traffic. You need to get 3 sales before they take you in. Site content has to be recently updated.

02. Second method is Applying with a FB group or a Fan Page. But there are several requirements. If you don't follow those you are gonna be rejected.
  • The group needs to have 500 followers. (Not having 500 followers is the biggest reason why people get rejected).
  • The group has to be a public group. No Private or Closed groups are allowed.
  • You must add the Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer to your group description.
  • You can't post prices in your posts. It's not allowed.

03. You can use Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and too, but it's lot harder to get sales from these networks.

04. This part is from the TOSĀ  >>>> You cannot offer any person or entity any consideration, reward, or incentive for using your links, or request support through use of your links (for example, by referring to proceeds from orders going to a particular charity or organization, or promoting use of your links to support you or your company).

05. You need to get 3 sales within 180 days. Your own purchases don't count.

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