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Rules and Requirements for Facebook Group

Here is a check-list of Amazon requirements from TOS as well as Do's and Do not's.

01. The group has to have 500+ members.

02. Group has to be a public group.

03. You need to add Amazon affiliate disclaimer to group description.

04. When you are posting an Amazon link its recommend to add a hash tag like #Ad or #paidAd

05. Don't use Amazon trademarks in your Group name. Like "Amazon Promo code Group".

06. Do not use Amazon trademarks or any of their logos in Group header photo or any other photo.

07. Don't ask or beg for people to visit those links and buy stuff.

08. If you have posted any promo codes or links with expire date then you must remove those once the promo expire.

09. Don't post your links in group not belongs you. There are exception but it's simply a pain you know where.

10. Don't take images from Amazon sales posts and post in your posts. Amazon rules forbid that.

11. You can't offer intensives. Like say if you buy from my Amazon links I will give you a free something etc.

12. You can't post prices in your posts.

13. Things like free kindle downloads don't count as sales. It's a bad idea even promote those.

14. Once you apply you need to get 3 sales within 3 weeks.

15. You can't buy from your own links. You don't get commission and even you might get a warning for this. Technically your family members and friends can't buy either.

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