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How to Setup a FB Group for Amazon Associate Program

So lets see what should you consider when you are going to create a Facebook group for using Amazon Associate Program. 99% of these FB groups are made as discount / promo deal groups. I guess that's the easiest thing since every wants discounts.

01. Make sure you Group name as as many as related keywords. lets say if you are planing a promo group then words like "Promo", "Discount", "Deals", "Offers" should be in your group name. This will help your groups to be showed up in Facebook search as well as Google search.

02. The group has to been a open / Public group. It's impossible to change this later so pay attention to this.

03. Then upload a cool header image for your group. image size is 1640 x 856 pixels. You can easily get done this online ( It's a referral link. gives 1 credits. bunch of credits would let you use a premium image. So i thought why not. )

04. Complete "About" Section. Just write a friendly greeting for anyone who check it. Makes them feel like they should join the group.

05. Now goto Edit Group Settings sort out things there.

06. Make sure to change your group url to something readable from Edit Group Settings > Web Address.

09. Add full Amazon affiliate Disclosure in Description.

10. Set Membership Approval > select Only admins and moderators.

11. Change Posting Permissions > only admins can post

12. Set someone very close to you as a backup Admin. Preferably a family member. Some keep 2 accounts for this.


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